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Huang Lab

Bioengineering, Materials Engineering & Biointerface

The 'Biointerface' research group, is driven by translational bioengineering research, focusing on Bio-inspired fabrication, 3D bioprinting, and developing biomimetic organ-on-chips for high throughput drug testing.

Living tissues are intricate ensembles of multiple cell types embedded in a complex, but well-defined extracellular matrix (ECM) of topographical and adhesive features ranging from nanometres to micrometres. Cell ladened ECMs act like units of reaction centres and information hubs. Corporation between these small units lead to a hierarchical structure (i.e. human body parts) achieving homeostasis (balance).

Our research is highly multi-disciplinary in nature, crossing fields of engineering, biology, chemistry, polymer physics and computer science. We aim to translate our scientific findings into exploring a new generation of tissue engineering constructs for personalised therapy, at affordable costs; and to provide new solutions for disease monitoring, drug testing, and better patient healthcare.