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Huang Lab

Bioengineering, Materials Engineering & Biointerface

The 'Biointerface' research group, is driven by translational bioengineering research, focusing on Bio-inspired fabrication, 3D bioprinting, and developing biomimetic organ-on-chips for high throughput drug testing.

Living tissues are intricate ensembles of multiple cell types embedded in a complex, but well-defined extracellular matrix (ECM) of topographical and adhesive features ranging from nanometres to micrometres. Cell ladened ECMs act like units of reaction centres and information hubs. Corporation between these small units lead to a hierarchical structure (i.e. human body parts) achieving homeostasis (balance).

Our research is highly multi-disciplinary in nature, crossing fields of engineering, biology, chemistry, polymer physics and computer science. We aim to translate our scientific findings into exploring a new generation of tissue engineering constructs for personalised therapy, at affordable costs; and to provide new solutions for disease monitoring, drug testing, and better patient healthcare.


Group Leader

Prof. Yan Yan Shery Huang, FIMMM

Academic Division: Mechanics, Materials and Design

Telephone: +44 1223 7 48559


Personal Webpage:

Group Members

  • Andy Wang (Research Associate); Functional fibre printing
  • Corrado Mazzaglia (Research Associate); Organ on a chip model


  • Yifei Pan (PhD student); Bioelectronics printing
  • Ruishan Liu (PhD student); Organ on a chip model
  • Adithya Vivek (PhD student); Artificial motility
  • Yaqi Sheng (PhD student); Organ model and tissue engineering
  • Marzia Calcagno (PhD student); Functional fibre printing for biomarker detection
  • Yuan Shui (PhD student); Functional fibre printing for biointerface
  • Jack F. Murphy (PhD student, co-supervised with Dr Xuan Li)
  • Joshua Van Zak (PhD student); Functional fibre printing for biointerface
  • Stanley Ka  (PhD student); Functional fibre printing for biointerface


  • Sophie Oatley (4th Year Student)
  • Noah Gordon (4th Year Student)
  • Adam Hussain (4th Year Student)


In no particular order:

  • Iek Lei (Phd student, with Dr Mark Birch); Organ on a chip model
  • Duo Zhang  (Phd student); Organ on a chip model
  • Saeed Fathi (Part-time Research Fellow); Cell printing
  • Jenny O'Dowd (MPhil student); Cancer model
  • Lingqing Dong (Visiting Professor from Zhejiang University)
  • Ye Liu (post-doc); Organ on a chip model
  • Magda Gerigk (PhD student); Biomimetic niche of glioblastoma
  • Magali Ferro (Research Associate); Nephron on a chip
  • Karim Ouaras  (Research Associate); Fibre printing
  • Pooya Davoodi (Research Associate); Chemical fibres
  • Lizzie Gill (submitted); Bioprinting of mini tissues
  • Keval Patel (NIH-Oxbridge PhD program)
  • Zhaoying Li  (viva Sept 2017)Membrane-based biointerface
  • Xia Li (viva Feb 2017); Electrojet writing of biointerfaces
  • Cristina Bertulli (viva Aug 2016); Transendothelial migration in a microvessel-chip​
  • Nicholas Piano (MRes)
  • Lukas Vasadi (MRes in Engineering)